New Pyramid Tea Bags October 21, 2015 08:15

Happy Autumn!!!

I am so excited to share the news!!!! Drum roll please............WE ARE NOW OFFERING PYRAMID SACHETS (Tea Bags) FOR 10 OF OUR ARTISAN BLENDS!  

Be Well, Chillax, Elderberry White, Ginger Twisted, Green Guru, Mints Da Balm, Sunrise, Sunset, Triple Mint and Verbena Basil can all now be enjoyed in beautiful Pyramid Sachets.These premium tea bags give our whole leaf teas and herbal blends plenty of room to expand and infuse the full color, flavor and aroma into each precious cup of tea.

Pyramid sachets will be offered in retail pouches of 12 sachets or in bulk at 50 or 100 sachets.  

All of our artisan teas and tisanes are lovingly hand blended to ensure freshness and quality.We try to keep the process as green as possible by using sustainably sourced organic herbs and teas for our artisan blends, and the sachets are made from a sustainable, plant derived material (soilon) that is compostable and eco friendly. 

Thank you all so much for your continued patronage and support. We hope you enjoy these new additions to our product line as much as we do! 

Wishes of Wellness and Warmth,


 This statement and product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

For in-depth information about soilon please see the following link: